What IBBI Is All About

It started with a simple idea.

Thirty years later, it’s the largest partnership in the marine industry.

Independent Boat Builders, Inc. (IBBI) is a collaborative effort to negotiate the best sources and arrangements for raw materials. It’s a purchasing cooperative founded by a group of independent boat builders who are continually looking for ways to add value to their businesses.

These value-focused efforts ultimately benefit the end consumer. As each owner strives to increase the value of their products and their businesses, consumers receive more value for their investments. As a purchasing cooperative, our owners each own an equal share of IBBI. Each owner has an equal voice in our operations, while also receiving the many benefits of membership.

This simple idea has led to IBBI owners selling more boats in the United States than any other boat manufacturer.

Our Owners
IBBI has 15 owners that include all of the following great brands.
The IBBI Advantage

Our owners' combined purchasing power enables us to negotiate superior discounts with the industry's best suppliers. Even in an industry trending towards mass production, our owners can still use the best materials to handcraft every boat. As a result, boating enthusiasts can still afford quality boats, designed and crafted by a recognized and trusted manufacturer.

IBBI acquires top of the line materials and produces exquisite, handcrafted products. Our buyers receive superiority and affordability. This is boating at its best.

Whether you’re fishing, cruising, skiing, or looking for old-fashioned family fun, your boat will say “QUALITY” from bow to stern.

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